Coaching with Jamie Dixon

My mission is to help purpose driven leaders inspire positive change. I have chosen to focus on the storytelling aspect of leadership, because I believe storytelling makes the difference between someone with good ideas and a leader making change happen.

As a coach, I have over a decade of experience helping leaders in over 160 multinational companies to:

  • Navigate complex stakeholder relationships and boost influence
  • Break down silos and boost engagement
  • Get ready to take on bigger roles and responsibilities

With my expertise in storytelling, I have a wealth of insights, tools and methodologies to help you communicate with impact, influence your stakeholders and inspire change.

Over the years, I have also accumulated qualifications in a range of coaching approaches to help me adapt my coaching to fit your needs. I am an IAC (International Association of Coaching) certified coach, a Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centred Coach, a Tiny Habits Coach and also a Workplace Big 5 Certified Consultant.

“Your unwavering support and understanding and willingness to listen has been a true source of support and inspiration in my life.”

HR Director, Manufacturing Company

The Coaching Process

1. Chemistry Check

It’s important you find the right coach for you.

I always start with a free chemistry check call to see if we are the right fit for each other.

2. Contracting

Trust is essential for coaching.

To build this trust, the next step is to reach an agreement on what we both expect of each other in this coaching relationship.

3. Goal Setting

Coaching is about results.

So for this third step, we clarify a Measurable, Achievable and Desirable outcome that our coaching engagement will be focused on helping you achieve.

4. Coaching

Now we’re ready to start.

Coaching varies from engagement to engagement, but this could personality assessments, stakeholder interviews, advisory, role-play practice, feedback, or just good old fashioned coaching.

5. Reviewing

Is the coaching working or not?

At the goal setting stage, we put in place measures to check if we are making progress. We then need to check these measures frequently to see if things are working and adjust accordingly.