How can storytelling help you as a leader?

Storytelling to leadership is a lot like oxygen to humans. Your leadership would simply cease to exist without it!

Now, you may be thinking:

“But there are plenty of introverted, less talkative, “don’t like to speak on stage” types of leaders out there, they don’t tell stories and they’re doing great!”

And you’d be right actually…

…Because storytelling is not about having a story for every occasion!

It’s much deeper than that.

Stories are simply:

Patterns of meanings.

Patterns of meanings are ideas connected to thoughts and feelings.

Some of these patterns of meanings are things we keep to ourselves. Like the beliefs we have about the way the world works, the social rules we instinctively follow, or the goals we have for the future.

And some of these patterns of meanings are shared with other people.

Those shared meanings could be the statues, buildings and flags that conjure feelings of pride for an entire nation.

They could be a simple phrase, gesture or even obnoxious noise that brings a group of friends to tears of laughter as they reminisce on shared memories.

Or they could be the sense of pride, hope and identity that your business represents for your staff.

So stories are simply patterns of meanings, sometimes kept to ourselves, and sometimes shared with others.

And storytelling is the act of sharing patterns of meaning.

Great “storytellers” don’t just tell stories.

They use words to bring pictures to your mind.

They use their behaviour to create memories that tug on your heart strings.

They turn mundane objects into symbols that unite.

And much more.

So how can storytelling help you as a leader?

Well, how can it not help you as a leader!?