The Story Habit

Helping purpose-driven leaders inspire positive change

The Story Habit

Helping purpose-driven leaders inspire positive change

The Story Habit

Helping purpose-driven leaders inspire positive change

The World Needs More Leaders Who Do Good

Leaders depend on storytelling to communicate, influence and inspire.

But storytelling can be a force for good in this world, and a force for evil.

The world already has too many loud voices that distract, divide and deceive.

The world needs more good voices, with good ideas that make good things happen.

Our mission is to help purpose-driven leaders stand up, speak out and start inspiring positive change.

How Can The Story Habit Help You?

The Story Habit is a Leadership Development Consultancy founded by Leadership and Storytelling Coach Jamie Dixon, based in the UK.

We strive to work with purpose-driven clients who want to make good things happen in this world. We help our clients to communicate with impact, influence stakeholders and inspire change.

We provide workshops, coaching and consulting on communication strategy, and create custom solutions tailored to your needs. For example, we can help you:

  • Find the stories you need to tell
  • Align your people around a common narrative
  • Influence behaviour change through storytelling
  • Craft a message that wins hearts and minds
  • Communicate technical jargon in a way that sticks

What Our Clients Say:

Thank you for a great workshop! Great presentation style with lots of opportunities to ask questions and talk about real-world examples and interactive sharing sessions, which helped us better understand the concepts and made for a really enjoyable and informative workshop. I appreciated how you provided practical tips and insights that we could immediately apply to our work. Thank you for your dedication to making this training a success.

Lynn Tee, HR Manager, Entegris, Singapore

Jamie delivered a virtual workshop for our global team on storytelling for audit, tax and advisory professionals and did a fantastic job of making the session extremely interactive and very engaging. Jamie delivered the session at a good pace, but with many stories and examples and continually asked questions to keep the audience’s attention. I would highly recommend any HR / L&D or Executives to hire Jamie to deliver storytelling and other workshops and programmes for your employees, you won’t be disappointed!

Alastair McTavish, Head of Learning & Development, Nexia, London

Jamie is really one of the best coaches I have ever met. I am impressed by his amazing capability of breaking down complicated situation and issues into a few simple core questions and thereafter a few easy understanding yet very practical solutions by steps.  Furthermore, with his rich experience and wide professional knowledge, he is capable of providing a variety of  valuable advice very flexibly based on unique situations from people who received the coach. His kindness and clear communication also make the learning with him a very happy and high efficient journey.

Melanie Jin, Product Manager, Lenovo, Beijing

About Jamie Dixon:

Jamie has honed his unique skills and specialist expertise over 15 years, collaborating with ambitious leaders across 160 multinational brands.

He has a unique methodology, taking a broader picture of storytelling, focussing on the art and science of making meaning rather than just telling stories.

He applies and integrates insights from behaviour science and behaviour design into his developed approach to practical training, along with the pragmatic mindset that he gained from living in China for most of his career.

Jamie practices what he preaches and builds habits into his daily conversations to add value – collecting stories, providing examples to support his statements, and using vivid language, metaphors and analogies.

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