How Can The Story Habit Help You?

Jamie Dixon

The Story Habit is a Leadership Development Consultancy helping leaders unleash their storytelling superpower.

Based in the UK, The Story Habit was founded by Jamie Dixon, a Leadership Development Consultant with over 12 years in the field, who has worked with over 160 multinational companies.

Jamie’s mission is to help good people become the leaders the world needs. Jamie has chosen to focus on the storytelling aspect of leadership, because he believes storytelling makes the difference between someone with good ideas and a leader making change happen.

The Story Habit’s methodology is based on Jamie Dixon’s book “The Story Habit – How Leaders Shape Stories That Drive Action”.

The Story Habit Helps:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Leaders
  • Teams


  • Communicate with Impact
  • Influence stakeholders
  • Inspire change

By Providing:

  • Workshops (Face-to-Face and Virtual)
  • Coaching
  • Books and Online Courses

Working With The Story Habit:

The Easiest Way:

Book an off-the-shelf Workshop or Webinar for your team.

The Best Way:

Book a Free Consultation.

The Cheapest Way:

Buy a Book or Online Course.

What People are Saying:

“This was an amazing workshop! The methodology of the course is excellent, as Jamie is very creative in the delivery.”

Manager in the Education Industry

“I love the concepts of keeping it simple with the “Relate, Challenge, Resolve” framework for storytelling and practice, practice, which are key to building our habit.”

Training Manager in Technical Services Company

“Highly recommended! Perfect course for what I needed. It was concise yet thorough for helping me to write my stories. Super practical. Provides a framework for creating whatever types of stories I want to create.”

Consultant in Leadership Development Industry

“It is a very well-thought course, that provides a framework that guides you to improving your stories to become more impactful.”

Software Engineer in High-Tech Company

What is The Story Habit?

The Story Habit breaks storytelling down into a 3 step framework called “Relate, Challenge, Resolve” with habits for each step to help bring more meaning to daily conversations.


Every story is about a character in a situation the audience can relate to.


That character then meets a challenge.


They then take action to resolve the challenge.

But there is a lot more to “Relate, Challenge, Resolve” than just storytelling, each step is also an individual skill:


Is the skill of learning about other people’s stories; what they believe in and what they value.


Is the skill of challenging people’s stories, helping them see things differently and changing their minds.


Is the skill of clarifying the barriers to action, removing those barriers and inspiring change.